In a world where monkeys and apes live side by side in the idyllic small town community of Simian Valley.  Sam is at the starting point of a grand adventure in her life.  An adventure filled with dogfighting adversaries, which sees our hero pilot their plane through the ‘not quite deadly’ balloon festival, but things soon get tricky as the heat of the battle against the forces of evil takes center stage. Across the sea and through the dark and mysterious jungle islands and even navigating the subterranean chasms of an evil HQ hidden deep inside a volcano.  The tension reaches its peak as they discover the plans of the evil organization of  the villainous reptile who’s determined to drain the world for his own nefarious ends.
This 2.5d dogfighting challenge will take our hero far from the comforts of their home town into the jaws of peril.  You’ll need to key into your flight or fight instincts 110% as you battle in the skies to save the day.

With a zany look and feel inspired by the classic cartoon era of Hanna-Barbera animated classics, while heavily influenced by more modern cartoons and examples taken from contemporary games, Simian Skies is tapping into the same humor vein as those Saturday morning matinee cartoons from yesteryear.