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Left 2 Die

Left 2 Die is a couch co-op 4 player top down shooter set in a post apocalyptic world, following a band of survivors in their desperate bid to escape hordes of monsters from the pit.  More details coming soon

For an introduce to the backstory follow this link.

Introducing Rob, the pizza guy.

After the disaster, Rob realized three things. One, his classmates were all dead. Two, his mom's new boyfriend didn't want him around anymore. Three, his real dad was in outer space. And he thought algebra was his worst nightmare. 

When Rob was a kid, before the virus that screwed up the world, he fantasized about what he would be when he grew up. A fireman, a doctor, a teacher--all the normal stuff. He'd never thought he would be a pizza delivery boy, especially not at his age. But like so many new adults find out, you have to use your skills to pay the bills. And the only thing Rob had on his side was his speed. 

Faster than a bullet, quicker than lightning, Rob wants nothing more than to deliver this last bastion of normalcy to his customers and get back to his life. Sure, it's hard scraping by when you're only 10, but it's much easier when you do it on the backs of everyone around you. A sneaky little thief, Rob cases every house and hovel he visits with a smile and a pizza pie. 

And if he likes what he sees, he's back there that night stealing them blind. Well-known at the pawn shops and in the black market, the little guy manages to make ends meet. It's all in an effort to realize his one remaining dream. Rob wants to be an astronaut. 

Rob wants to find his dad. Rob wants to be a family again. And after all the pain and suffering he's gone through, what Rob wants? Rob gets. 

So, when Rob hears a patron whisper a rumor about an evacuation ship out in the wilderness, he has one goal. Save up enough money to bribe the guards at the gate. Get out of the city and make it to the ship on his own, where no one can tell him no or complain about their pizza having too little pepperoni. Where he'll be out of reach of everyone but his dad's arms and a comfortable bed under a roof, somewhere he can call home again. 

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Introducing Sly.

The laughter of the midway. The joy of a carnival. All the rides, the sights, the sounds. The people having a night full of fun. Sly enjoyed it all. Who wouldn't? But the sound he cherished most was detonation. 

Long in charge of the fireworks show at the end of the night, Sly thought he had found his calling. It meant a constant, on-the-move lifestyle, but he was content. Every evening he had the chance to light up the sky and send cascades of debris onto the innocent crowd below. It was the closest he would come to doing something big in life. 

Or so he thought. 

Armed with too much knowledge and too little restraint, Sly scours the wastelands looking for what he can claim... and what he can end. A daredevil, a rogue, and a cheat, Sly is hell on wheels. When one wayward pinch of gunpowder left Sly wheelchair bound, he never let it slow him down. Though the road in a ruined world can be rough, he knows he can and will conquer it all if he just keeps rolling on. 

What Sly lacks in social decorum, he more than makes up for in charisma. Easily able to convince lemurs to jump off a cliff, he knows how to get what he wants without resorting to violence. But it's just so much more fun that way! 

His inspiration for explosives and explosive gear comes from his whirlwind lifestyle. A molotov cocktail is old school, but cramming a bunch of grenades in a soda bottle? That's innovation. Sly doesn't care for the stereotype of insanity in his field. There's nothing wrong with enjoying the finished product. So what if he has a little mandatory audience participation? Sometimes, you have to live art to enjoy it

When Sly learns about the possibility of an escape ship still on Earth, he makes it his life goal to blow it sky high. He'll put on a display the world will never forget and maybe finish them all off with it. After all, everyone wants to go out with a bang.  

Introducing Sandy.

The hooves of Justice bring forth a new hero to the wasteland. With a hat tilted over her eyes and a drawl on her lips, this cowboy is a woman of few words and fewer sympathies.  She's seen more, done more, and killed more than most men dream of. Those memories keep her warm at night. 

Yet, where she drifts, she's a welcome sight to the hungry and the sick. More Robin Hood than robber, Sandy is willing to lend a helping hand to those in dire need. Those she leaves behind whisper of deep pockets and a warm heart. But be warned, she's not one to be crossed. Her trigger finger is just as quick to judge should those downtrodden folks turn into tyrants themselves. Sandy has no issue with taking out former friends, fellows, and countrymen once they fall from grace. 

Those unfortunate enough to find themselves as her enemies disagree. A gunslinger with a reputation that proceeds her, Sandy is a cold, ruthless killer to those she feels deserve it. For those that try to run, she dishes out a little Justice on the side. Her long-time mount is as fierce as she is and just as hard to kill. Getting on their bad side is for the brave, the daring, and the downright stupid.

With a moral compass as grey as the world around her, she enforces the law the way it ought to be, not as it's written. Those laws failed everyone a long time ago and Sandy doesn’t want to see them fail again. But with whispers of a final evacuation ship hidden in the wilds, Sandy finds herself at odds. How many people could she get to the safety of outer space?

Every day that number seems to dwindle. As she searches for the ship, and those worthy to follow her onto it, Sandy grows more reclusive and withdrawn. Humanity is on the brink and no one seems to be willing to set aside their differences. Are they worth saving? Or should she take the ship for herself and leave behind only blood and hoofprints?