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Farmer Pete

“I just wanted to thank you for Farmer Pete! My son is just 6, he has autism and is in Yr1 mainstream school with support. We have tried to teach him number bonds since last september with no success. About 6 weeks ago I came across the youtube video of farmer pete and showed it to him. He chose to listen to the song many times and then the iphone app became available so he

has that to use too and he now knows his number bonds to 10 so well that he was independently forming the sums with magnetic numbers last week! So thanks SO much to all involved – this simple video and app have made the world of difference for my little boy in keeping up with the level  required for Yr1.” 

Taken from an email we recieved from Jessica.

The first full title from the collaborative team of Jumping World Studios & Number Fun, breaks the mould for typical elementary Key Stage 1 math games.Rather than relying on math quizzes and simple sums common to the genre, Farmer Pete adds a great narrative within the 4 games which make up this exciting app.Help farmer Pete tend his sheep in this fun and interactive set of games or watch the animation, which accompanies the theme tune to this app.Choose between 5 different Number Bond settings (Number bonds to 5,10,15,20 & Random) in Find,Wash & Feed my sheep & Score points by catching my sheep dancing in Dancing sheep.

Find my sheep:-

Some of Farmer Pete’s sheep have wandered off and he’s worried they won’t be back in time for tea. Help Hugh farmer Pete’s trusty sheepdog find the wayward sheep by guiding Hugh around the farm by tapping where you want him to go to, then if you think he’s near a sheep just tap the search icon in the corner of the screen. If he finds one the sheep will run back to the pen. Keep looking till they’re all safe.

Dancing sheep:-

Oh no there’s still 10 sheep left out in the upper field they like dancing along to Pete’s song, score points as you tap the cheeky sheep and send them on their way again. They start dancing in time to the lyrics and the quicker you tap them when they start the more points you score. You can even score points by tapping the ducks that fly past just to distract you.

Wash my sheep:-

(Warning: this minigame may not work 100% on iPads)

Now it’s nearly time for tea but they need to get cleaned up before they can eat. There’s only enough soap powder for some of them to get clean right now, so some will have to wait till Pete gets back from the grocers with some soap. Can you help by getting the others cleaned up. Drag the right number of sheep who can get washed now onto the sheep-o-matic and close the gate when you think you’ve matched the number bond. Be careful if you too high or too low they’ll all escape into the field again and get muddy.

Pete will take care of the rest while you help get them fed at tea time.

In the full game you can choose between 5 different Number Bond settings.

Feed my sheep:-

It’s teatime and the sheep need feeding, Pete has very fussy sheep. Some of them like ice cream and some of them like jelly (Sheep are very fickle) tap a sheep then tap the table you think they’d like to sit at. Then ring the dinner bell to see if you’ve got the number bond right. If you get it wrong you’ll here them bleat their complaints, and some will get up from the table. Of course sheep being natural followers they all end up leaving the table and you’re back to square one.