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Gummy Riot

Gummies, everyone’s favorite treats, just became weapons! Use the power of Tasty Brand® fruit snacks to defeat the “Most Wanted” food baddies in an epic battle that pits good against evil. The survival of our planet is at stake, so there’s no time to waste …

Each level requires strategy, skill and perseverance, and relies on physics-based tactics, making Gummy Riot! appealing to players of all ages. Each gummy flavor has unique features and special powers, from explosives to tornado-like vortexes. Special surprises and high-score prizing to be added very soon.

A unique “Augmented Reality” feature allows players to rack up extra points and Power Up with a unique gaming element. Just like eating Tasty Brand® gummies … once you start playing Gummy Riot!, you wont want to stop!

To find out more about Tasty Brand® & to get your hands on our gummies for real, go to www.TastyBrand.com