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StroodleDoodle AR

With the advent of Apple’s ARKit SDK being released and the huge potential for AR to revolutionize mobile device use, we decided it was time to revisit our AR Roots from yesteryear (Yes before our adventures in VR we were making AR Apps and games years ago). And just then we were approached by Eric Neuman to bring his awesome and fun StroodleDoodle Virtual Reality app (Currently available on Steam & Vive) to live on this new platform using ARKit.

Ever wanted to share your 3D creations simply and quickly? With StroodleDoodle all you have to do is press the ‘Export’ button and your work is instantly published to our public SketchFab account. Want more control? Just sign up for a SketchFab account and paste in your API key to share directly to your own account. Once in SketchFab, you can share it on Facebook, or download your model for 3D printing!

Canvas Extruder: Like a play-dough machine for AR, the canvas extruder is where you can draw 2D shapes and pop them into the third dimension. Just set the Extrusion Depth and stamp a copy of your poly into the world.

Adjust: Positioning objects in a traditional 3D editor is tedious and complex, but here, it could not be simpler. Just swipe and pinch, or grab and drop any polys to position them wherever you want. You can even scale your creations up to be life sized! Hello virtual spaces.

Paint: Monochromatic spaces are no fun, so you can easily choose the color of any poly before you stamp it into the world. Wanna change a poly’s color after stamping? We’ve got you covered.

Cut: Don’t like that poly? ZIP. Gone. Easily remove blobs you don’t like anymore.

Export: Save directly to sketchfab and share straight to social networks! Find it after you export at our Sketchfab Account. More advanced users can export directly to their own sketchfab accounts. Share your work!

StroodleDoodle AR is built using the new ARKit features of the iOS range of devices only available on devices with iOS 11 installed, and only the following hardware platforms.

    •    iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

    •    iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

    •    iPhone SE

    •    iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

    •    iPhone X