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Memoria Café

Coming Soon, 

from Chumpette Visual & Kaio Interactive.

Memoria Cafe is a investigative mindscape exploration and puzzle game where you help people one cup of coffee at a time.


Memoria Cafe sits in a place between worlds where customers will come to enjoy a cup of coffee.

You follow the story of Alis who must help someone after choosing to jump into their mindscape without the consent of the owner of the Cafe.

Learn their story and help them unchain the the beasts within so they can confront the horrors themselves.


The story centers around Alis, an eccentric, charismatic, and flamboyant employee of Memoria Cafe. He lives in the cafe with the owner, referred to as Teacher.

Alis is a wizard-in-training, learning the ways of the Mindscape and how to use it to help the customers that come into the cafe seeking help. Teacher is normally the one to do the heavy lifting when it comes to client work, with Alis generally taking the backseat.

But, one day, Teacher has to go out on an errand run, leaving Alis to take the reigns of the cafe. Not long after, a student comes into the café, backpack as heavy as the bags under her eyes. She orders a drink and takes a seat at one of the tables.

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